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Fantasy Blacksmith Activation Code [Patch]

//document.domain = "";function login_form(d) var login_url = ' ';if (d != null) login_url = login_url + '?r=' + escape(d);,'hglogin','height=300,width=400,location=false,menubar=false,resizable=false,scrollbars=false,status=false,toolbar=false');function logout(d) var logout_url = ' ';if (d != null) logout_url = logout_url + '?r=' + escape(d);,'hglogout','height=200,width=400,location=false,menubar=false,resizable=false,scrollbars=false,status=false,toolbar=false');function submit_file() login_form("/blacksmith/submit.php?1675961420");function get_file(fileid,s) window.location="/blacksmith/getfile.php?id="+fileid+"&s="+s+"&r="+escape(document.location);function submit_comment(fileid) login_form("/blacksmith/comment.php?id="+fileid+"&1675961420");function edit_comment(cid) login_form("/blacksmith/comment.php?id="+cid+"&1675961420");initFavorites(3760,null)Downloads Home Search Results Final Fantasy VII-V. 01 Final Fantasy VII-V. 01AuthorFile DescriptionSonicspeedPosted on 03/12/02 @ 12:00 AMFile DetailsVersion:The Conquerors 1.0cStyle:Role Playing StrategyNumber of players:4This is an updated version, it should fix the bugs that I found during the game, like when the monks leave the gates. I also made Reno, a non-convertible character, so don\'t try convering him anymore. So basically there is some colored text, but I didn\'t get updating that much, wait and see until I update this again.AuthorComments & Reviews ( All Comments Only Reviews Only )LoRd_YuRi_NiNjAPosted on 03/13/02 @ 12:00 AMhmmmmm... no change from the original, it still boots back to the desktop upon starting the scenario. Why not have the gates belong to allies and use lock/unlock triggers?SonicspeedFile AuthorPosted on 03/14/02 @ 12:00 AMSorry, but there will be no update, because there are a lot of bugs, so I just wouldn't download this. Instead I'm going to make a campaign on Final Fantasy VII, because my multiplayer one wasn't a success, but to some it is. Oh well, you'll probably be able to find a campaign called Final Fantasy VII in the future. In the meantime you could visit the Single Player section, and download my scenario THe Forgotten Evils, but that was one I made when I was extremely board, so there was no effort.ken_usagiPosted on 12/10/02 @ 12:00 AMummm do u mind if i create a single player scenario out of this?SonicspeedFile AuthorPosted on 12/14/02 @ 12:00 AMgo ahead besides i'm making a different final fantasy scenario and working on Genghis Khan's Revenge (which is still going to take a while) at the same time. :-)SonicspeedFile AuthorPosted on 02/08/03 @ 12:00 AMWell, I found out the problem, there is to many triggers running at once which make it close down, so I have to redo the whole thing, making it so I activate the triggers to spawn guys. That should fix the scenario ALOT, but I'm to lazy to do it right now. Genghis Khan's revenge will be done in about a month or so. HGDL v0.8.1

Fantasy Blacksmith Activation Code [Patch]

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