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That Night On The Lake

Reelfoot Lake was formed by the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811 and 1812. As a result of those upheavals, water overflowed the banks of the Mississippi River and inundated much of present-day Lake and Obion counties. A lot of this water remained, forming a body of water that is about 23 square miles but with an average depth of only about 5 feet deep.

That Night on the Lake

Settlers began moving into northwest Tennessee after the Chickasaw Indians were forced out in the early 1800s. Many of these small farmers found they could help feed themselves and supplement their incomes by fishing in the lake. By around 1900, an estimated 500 families in Obion and Lake counties were doing just that.

However, starting around 1870, a man named James Harris began buying up the land under and around the lake. In 1899, Harris announced that he owned the lake and said he intended to drain it and farm the land under it. A group of business owners and citizens of the Reelfoot Lake area filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking Harris from doing that.

However, under a barrage of gunfire, Taylor slipped underwater and hid behind a partially sunken tree that had fallen into the lake. The 63-yearold Confederate veteran remained there in the darkness for nearly an hour until the night riders finally left. Taylor then swam, waded and staggered north and west through swamps and bayous.

In 1914, the state of Tennessee purchased Reelfoot Lake and much of its shoreline. A law was passed declaring the lake public domain, which means people can fish there, regardless of who owns the shoreline. Today the lake and much of its shoreline are public property. People fish, hunt and sightsee on and around the lake at places such as Reelfoot Lake Wildlife Refuge and Reelfoot Lake State Park.

My grandfather and his brother-in-law were night riders, they were ask by family to leave Obine Co. in1910 they went to Missouri. Lost everything they had. My grandfather roamed up and down the river working cutting timber. Made money for a team and wagon. Started farming , had three children when they left . My father was born in Arkansas , we never knew we had family in Tennessee until I started myAncestry. My father had died my brother and I were shocked, we went there and found so much family history. Meet lots of grandmothers family and boy did they fill us in on what happened . Cousins said the never expected to see any of her family again. My grandfathers family to this day say we are not kin !I am 78 years old what a trip in the past.

My grandfather was a night rider. Walter Archie. They were sworn to silence. Fred Pinion one of the leaders of the night riders came to my Grandfathers house all the time, they were neighbors, so was ED Marshall. My grandmother said you could here the riders coming for miles. They stopped at my Grandfathers house several times and talked. My grandfather didnt talked about it, One of my oldest uncles new.

My grandmother was from Reelfoot lake area her name was Lela Archie and she had several brothers. I bet we could be distantly related. She married a Haynes but he drowned then she married my grandfather Jess Cleaves and lived in Shelby Co near Memphis till she died from diabetes in her early fifties about 1959. My father told me stories about his uncles from Reelfoot Lake and how big and tough they were. He had heard stories about the night riders.

Welcome to Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care Lake Mary. We are located at 3801 W. Lake Mary Blvd #123, Lake Mary, FL, 32746. You can contact us at 407-585-0568 during our opening hours of 4pm-midnight on weekdays and 12pm-midnight on weekends. Our convenient location allows us to serve not only Lake Mary but its neighbouring communities such as Woodluff Springs, Sanford, and Heathrow.

Furthermore, all 13 of our clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art radiology equipment such as X-ray machines, and an on-site laboratory that allows us to provide a complete and comprehensive medical assessment for your child in one convenient location.

My first time taking my son to this office in lake Mary. I must say I was very pleased. Even when I walked in very welcoming. And the visit was a breeze. I was very pleased. I will recommend definitely 5 stars.

This marks the second time in three days that officers have been shot. Monday, two McLeod County deputies were shot while trying to serve a search warrant at a home in Winstead. Those officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect, in that case, was found dead inside their home.

Looking for the most fall fun for your buck? For six weekends, Canobie Lake Park SCREEEMFEST delivers family fun by day and a healthy dose of fear by night. You get TONS of rides, haunted houses, kid-friendly fun, live shows, roving monsters and much, much more. All in ONE place, all for one low admission price! NO COSTUMES OR MAKEUP PERMITTED - leave the scaring to us!

One night, she discovers a photo on his phone of a woman who looks similar to her, and suspects Owen was having an affair. After a night out with Claire, a drunken Beth reveals that she had been clinically dead for four minutes after a car accident years ago and saw that there was nothing when she died. Owen had always disagreed with this and was close to changing her mind before he died. Beth says that when she suffered from depression a year ago, Owen began sleepwalking, and she thought she had passed her negative emotions to him. That night, she is awakened by a supernatural presence and witnesses several frightened women fleeing through the woods and jumping into the lake. She finds blood on the boat where Owen shot himself and feels an invisible presence.

Crossing the lake to investigate a strange set of lights, she discovers a reversed copy of her house and sees ghostly figures of women with Owen. She passes out and awakens in her own house. She looks for the reversed house again and finds it, although this time it is unfinished and empty. She retrieves a strange statue from it and confronts Mel, who claims he never saw the house but once saw Owen in the woods at night with a woman who looked like Beth. Searching Owen's laptop, she finds more photos of women who look similar to her, identifies the statue from one of his books as an occult voodoo doll, and determines that Owen was trying to learn how to trick and trap demonic entities.

An invisible force caresses Beth and she hugs it, mistaking it for Owen's spirit. The spirit reveals that it is not Owen and shows her visions of Owen attacking and murdering the women. The entity drags her through the house, reveals that it is what Beth saw when she died in the car accident, and identifies itself as "Nothing". It explains that it tried to convince Owen to kill Beth to bring her back to the afterlife, but he resisted. Instead, Owen built the reverse house and murdered the Beth-lookalikes to try to trick Nothing, but Nothing realized the trick. It then traps Beth in a position like the statue that she had retrieved from the reverse house earlier.

In February 2019, it was announced that Rebecca Hall would star in the film, with David Bruckner directing from a screenplay by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, and that David S. Goyer would produce.[6] Principal photography began in May 2019 in Syracuse, New York.[7]

Rotten Tomatoes reported that critics found The Night House, "a thoughtful horror film that does a good job upending viewer expectations," and that it "benefits from a stunning central performance from Hall."[18] Reviewing the film for Deadline Hollywood, Todd McCarthy praised Hall's work, saying, "The sheer intelligence and fortitude that emanate from Hall lend her struggle a measure of weight for a while as she tries to wrestle the busy demons to the ground;" though he noted that "[the] closer the film gets to having to resolve itself and make Beth's obsession pay off, the less credible and the more contrived it becomes."[19] Similarly, David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter praised Hall's "admirable refusal to soften the brittle edges of her recently widowed protagonist," and wrote, "There are interesting twists on the standard haunting narrative here, but the writing is too muddled to clarify them, instead veering into chaotic mayhem as Beth faces down the sinister forces that plagued her husband in a violent denouement."[20] Clarisse Loughrey of The Independent gave the film a score of 4/5 stars, and wrote, "Whatever small contrivances or inconsistencies might dwell in The Night House's story of a husband's secrets and the home they dwell within, they melt away as soon as the camera cuts to the face of its star."[21]

We've partnered with to give you the best three-day itinerary for relaxed, slower-paced fun in Lake Havasu City. So, if you've got three days to spare, spend them in this lakeside paradise. Enjoy yourself. Take pictures. Make your friends jealous.

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When the sun sets and your appetite is raging, dinner with a view is what you need. Shugrue's offers sweeping views across Bridgewater Channel and some of the best wine and food selections in the state. Bon appetit! Lake Havasu City has 28 other restaurants with lake and Channel views. Get the full list here.

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