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Anthony Brooks

Shemales Massive Fixed

This story can be read standalone but it is a prequel to another one I've written, "Stiff Sentencing For A Young Man," this story delves into Tess' past. The past of the mysterious shemales who came to America for their rich supply of men and were apprehended or possibly killed in the process by authorities. Step back in time with me and learn about this once peaceful society of giant shemales...

shemales massive

These massive shemales had equally massive hard cocks and hefty balls. This large equipment had them very horny all the time. Sex. Fuck. Sex. They needed it. The huge shemales needed it more than food and even more than air, or so it felt.

Ordinarily, that wouldn't disrupt life on Inacock too much. Queen Katherine would dispatch a search party to find these disobedient servicers and bring them back to the giantesses for punishment. The report went on to say that the men escaped by way of one of the shemales' ships.

The Queen expertly snapped her hips and thrust her cock deep inside the man. He had been part of a diving mission that got lost in the vast ocean and saw the fire from Inacock, they docked to ask for supplies when he and his mates were promptly taken as property of the shemales of Inacock. Now he was one of the Queen's rumps and had twelve inches of Queen Katherine shoved into his tight asshole daily.

The shemales on Inacock enjoyed fucking so much that they'd often screw multiple servicers dozens of times a day before their swollen cocks would be satisfied. Queen Katherine was in ecstasy as the man below her clung to the bed sheets for dear life. Her dick seemed to grow even thicker as her back arched and she shot a massive load into the man's ass.

Tess walked through the village. The sex-filled tranquility had taken on a frenetic new feel. The mountainous shemales bounded through the village for confirmation of the reports they had heard. It didn't sound good. Shemales yelled back and forth throughout the village trying to find out how many men were left and what they were going to do about it.

"Is everyone that can make it seated? Great." Queen Katherine stalked the stage, flanked by her sisters. "I must start by telling all of you that the rumors you've heard today are true. Marie as well as many of you have seen firsthand that the men we stored for use were freed last night and escaped on one of our ships." A huge gasp washed over the entire crowd of shemales.

Tess set sail with a group of other giantesses but came back after three days fruitless. Not even one peach. Tess and her women did the same thing the next day and extended their journey to a fourth day but found no trace of other ships. The village was getting restless. There wasn't enough booty to go around. The huge shemales' full balls hung heavy.

Then the worst happened. Men were being brutally screwed upwards of twenty times a day and being so filled motivated them to plot their escape. They knew that since the other men had escaped before it could be done again. It was a week after the cave-in that freed the reservoir of men that almost all the men escaped on a small ship. All men but those wrapped in the massive arms of their owners and the Queen's personal servicers had gotten away.

Tess did set sail again the next day with the same result. Things got worse after that. Friends were starting to turn on friends in their desperate need for booty to screw. Tess returned with her band of horny shemales to this situation. Young shemales were being picked off first by Donna and her allies in the village. They were manipulated and tricked into sex. Tess kept a close eye on her friend, Jessica.

Tess and Jessica followed the beaten path back to the village from where they docked their ships and they heard mysterious sounds. They hurried closer and realized that the sounds were cheers. Screams and shemale roars could be heard as they saw smoke from the fires. Just on the outskirts of the village they saw Donna approaching them. She was fully dressed in an odd outfit closely resembled ones Tess had seen that shemales of generations past wore during warring. Jessica hung on Tess' arm.

"Oh well. Better luck next time. Well, it was nice meeting you, Jessica." Donna opened her arms to hug Jessica which shemales often did when they met, but Tess didn't think it felt right under the circumstances.

What Tess found back at the village shocked her. Fires were lit all around the stadium and they lit up the dark sky. There had to be at least fifty shemales out there. Tess recognized the Queen's sister on stage. Two shemales stood side by side in front of the stadium, looking up at the Queen's sisters. 041b061a72


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