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[S1E6] I Got This Rat

Wheatley: We both know what's going on here. You're using Angie to get to me. I don't want her to become a casualty of a dispute between two men.Stabler: You don't want any casualties? Like my wife?Wheatley: That was insensitive. I'm just saying, stay away from my wife.Stabler: Why didn't you kill me?Wheatley: Why would I do that? Then we wouldn't be enjoying this delicious coffee together.Stabler: I'm a nuisance. Got in your way. You don't like people who get in your business. You get revenge, get rid of them.Wheatley: Not in the way you think.Stabler [takes out a photo of Kathy]: She wasn't a vengeful person. But she will be the end of you.

[S1E6] I Got This Rat

If so, Stabler might have tipped his hand by threatening to end Wheatley over Kathy's death. But Wheatley doesn't necessarily know that Stabler knows about Angela's alleged involvement in this, so maybe not.

Kudos to Elliot for not questioning if Angela was the culprit, especially after their highly inappropriate kiss. The best scenes from the episode are between these two. Their sexual innuendo is hard to stomach for Elliot/Olivia fans, so this turmoil is a refreshing dynamic for the pair.

But, what is going to happen to Angela Wheatley after all this? She does not deny the murder, so she is most definitely going to prison. If she does stick around, maybe she can pop up as an informant that can bring down her ex-husband. Elliot will most certainly not like this, which will only bring even more drama to this stellar series.

The various different characters in this show have been quite well written, with the camera work far more effective late on compared to the opening few episodes. The shaky cam has been a lot more tolerant and after a subdued episode 4, these final two have really fired on all cylinders.

The Peaky Blinders and Billy Kimber's gang face off on Garrison Lane, but before they can begin fighting Ada arrives with her infant son Karl and stands directly between the opposing gangs. She tries to convince them not to fight, urging all the men to think of their own wives and children that they'd be leaving behind if they were to die over this feud. Billy Kimber appears to back down, but suddenly draws his gun and shoots Thomas. Danny leaps forward to defend him, and Kimber shoots him too, killing him. Thomas shoots Kimber in the head and declares that the fight is over, ordering Kimber's men to leave. They take Billy Kimber's body and go.

A fight erupts when Bertha whines about the timing of this tragedy. She has finally gotten a foot in the door with Ward McCallister (Nathan Lane), as he wants to come for luncheon, but the disaster is a dark cloud over her triumph.

Elsewhere this week, and I am admittedly sliiiightly curious to see where/is this is going: Mike slapped together a candy volcano for the middle school science fair. And though he told both his dad and Barbara that their attendance was not necessary, the truth is the lad was sullen to be the only student sans doting parents. As such, he was pleased when Barbara rushed over after American Dream work to witness his volcano demo.

Though The Strain is a vampire show, its unique breed of monster is really more like a zombie than anything. Because of Eichorst, we know that there is some way for these vampires to become (or stay) humanoid. But so far, the only version we've seen as part of this current epidemic are zombie figures who roam around with blueish skin, feasting on blood (without, necessarily, a predilection for brains). And like zombies, they must be beheaded. On the other hand, sunlight makes them melt (a standard vampiric trait), making them a hybrid unlike any other.

While this has been a slow process in many ways (having taken about six times longer than if it were in a movie), The Strain has consistently provided enough entertainment week by week to make it worth the wait, as these disparate stories and characters begin moving together. By the end of the hour, Ephraim, Nora, her mother, and Abraham were all united. Gus and Felix know something isn't right, but don't know who to go to for help (although tellingly, Gus' interactions with Abraham early on may be a connection that he finds useful). The strain has also visited Kelly's new boyfriend Matt's office, which presumably now puts Kelly and Zach in danger.

The skills each of these characters possess are starting to manifest as well, especially in how they might be able to aid Abraham (though him losing his medication was a worry -- he may not be long of this world). The creatures are affecting everyone, and they are getting bolder. Bennett the unfortunate Medical Examiner careened through traffic, killing as fast as he could. Unfortunately, he unhelpfully killed both of the FBI agents escorting Eph, so he still doesn't have anyone to go to bat for him.

Meanwhile, Wendy is trying to make money by becoming Sam's partner in real-estate business. She asked Sam to give her a bonus for helping him, a request which Sam's domineering mother Eugenia bluntly refused. Ruth visit her father Cade in prison, which he ordered her to kill Marty and take his money. At the lake, Ruth rigged the power lines nearby and test it on the rat which is electrocuted by the trap. She later informs her plan to Russ, who refused to take part in it since he and Roy wanted Marty alive to invest in their fishing business. Later Ruth carried out her plan by picking off Marty by the boat to the dock where she laid the trap. But when Marty leaves the boat, the trap doesn't work and Marty arrived at the dock safely. It's revealed that Russ told Ruth's plans to Roy, who secretly disabled the trap when Ruth was gone. Ruth angrily confronts Russ and accused him of ruining her trap, which Russ denies since Roy did this without his knowledge. Ruth doesn't believe him and started insulting him, resulting in Russ punched her.

Belle James (Simone Kessell) and Zhou Lin (Jason Chong) have been consistently seeing each other, but in this episode they finally make a move to solidify their relationship, that too with a breath-taking view of the Australian outback as a backdrop.

The Dragonkeepers instruct Rhaenyra's sons Jace and Luke, as well as Alicent's sons Aegon (now a lazy, bratty teenager) and her younger son Aemond Targaryen. The focus of their lesson this day is training Jace's young dragon Vermax, a juvenile the size of a small horse, to accept his verbal commands. Aegon is bored with the event because he already went through it for his own dragon Sunfyre, and for the dragons of the younger children. Jace successfully commands the dragon to obey and halt, and then to breathe fire at a live sheep. They leave Vermax to eat his roasted prey.

Viserys counters that the nature of inheritance can be a strange thing: he once had a stunning black mare that escaped her stable and mated with an equally stunning stallion silver as the moon, but their resulting foal was a plain chesnut brown. Alicent questions if Viserys actually saw them mating, or if he just assumed the silver stallion was the only one the black mare was breeding with. Viserys rises and says he will hear no more of this.

Later that night, after Daemon finishes giving Baela a lesson in High Valyrian, Laena urges him not to take the offer. They have been glorified guests for the past decade, but she wants the life of a dragonrider, and for her daughters to grow up where she did on Driftmark. Daemon says he knows their situation in Pentos is transactional - their dragons scare off the Triarchy and in return the Pentoshi shower them with wealth - but he finds this straightforward arrangement a relief, having grown weary of the political scheming in Westeros.

Later in the night, Daemon looks out over the city's night skyline from the roof of the mansion. Laena arrives and tells him that her brother Laenor wrote a letter saying Rhaenyra had a third son. Daemon sarcastically asks if he mentioned that this child also has a marked but entirely coincidental resemblance to the commander of the City Watch. Laena says she can tell Daemon is disatisfied with his life in Pentos even if he won't admit it. Laena points out that Daemon never ventures into the city, but spends most of his time in the library reading about dead Valyrian dragonlords. She says she knows she wasn't his first choice as wife, which he tries to wave aside, but she gently embraces him and says the man she married was meant for more than this life in Pentos.

With the new business finished for the day the council rises to leave, but Rhaenyra asks them all to stay as she has another issue to propose. Rhaenyra politely says that she is aware of the recent tension between her family and Alicent's but they are all part of the royal house, and were friends before that. As a peace offering, she proposes a betrothal between her eldest son and heir Jace and Alicent's daughter Helaena. Additionally, when her dragon Syrax produces a new clutch of eggs she will gift one to Aemond. Viserys says this is quite a judicious proposal, but Alicent is incredulous. She embarrasses Rhaenyra by indicating that she is leaking breat milk through her dress, and flatly says she will consider it.

After leaving the council, Alicent argues with Viserys that this offer is an insult, stopping short of saying aloud it is because Jace is really a bastard. Alicent thinks that Rhaenyra is only making this offer because she has been backed into a corner. Viserys tries to urge her that this will bring peace to the royal family and as king he should be able to make this choice, but Alicent sharply says that he can do what he wants when she's cold in her grave. They arrive at the king's private chambers where they are soon joined by Lyonel Strong, who has come to offer his resignation as Hand. He says that recent rumors have compromised his ability to give the king impartial aide and counsel. Viserys is hesitant to lose his trusted advisor, and asks him to say aloud what these rumors are, but, Lyonel cannot. Viserys says that if he can't bring himself to speak these rumors aloud he can't resign due to them. Lyonel agrees, but asks that he take Harwin back to Harrenhal: he has been dismissed as Commander of the City Watch, but as Lyonel's eldest son and heir it is time he prepares to rule their family's seat. Viserys agrees. 041b061a72


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