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Anthony Brooks
Anthony Brooks

Bastard Pimpernel

1. Bastard Toadflax (Noun) e.g. "Simon, you bastard toadflax, get out of my DMs."2. Hoary Ragwort (Noun) e.g. "Look at him, the hoary ragwort."3. Bastard Pimpernel (Noun) e.g. "Only bastard pimpernels catcall women *eyeroll*"4. Hairy St. John's Wort (Noun) e.g. Any one who thinks a 'friend zone' exists.5. Hairy Violet (Noun) - the most popular girls name of the COVID-19 baby boom.6. Bulbous Fumewort (Noun) - used to describe an incel stewing away in a computer chair in a dark basement, trying to tell women online how ugly they are.7. Bog Arum (Noun) - the Bulbous Fumewort's accomplice; he messages random women on Instagram, and then says 'u women r all the sam, I'm not interested anyway, ur a fat slag lol' when said random woman doesn't reply within 5 minutes.8. Policeman's Helmet (Noun) - A man who feels the need to mansplain things to women who are more qualified than him.9. Hairy Buttercup (Noun) - Anyone who calls you 'dear' or 'sweetie' in a patronising way.

bastard pimpernel

Eelgrass and spiral tasselweed grow in the water, along with brown and green algae. In the tidal zone chaffy sedge, saltmarsh sedge, Mackenzie's sedge and saltmarsh flat-sedge grow well, since these species are well adapted to brackish water. In open patches of land, the small plant bastard pimpernel thrives. It is only a couple of centimetres high, but can grow in large amounts. The amount of bastard pimpernel has declined, however, because many of the meadows along the shore are no longer grazed. This is because the small trodden areas where bastard pimpernell grows best, disappear.

Rory always felt more than a little unnerved at hearing his title. It still did not ring true. None of it seemed real. He'd been the outcast son. If not technically a bastard, then certainly he'd been treated as one these past thirty years.

"Then let us see what the bloody bastard wants now." Rory leaned against a stall and broke the wax seal, then quickly read the contents. He felt his stomach clench. He was ordered to marry a Jacobite lass; as a dowry, he would receive two substantial properties and all their rents. 041b061a72


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