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Anthony Brooks
Anthony Brooks

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i would have expected is that like my health would still be bad and i think i still am. um, the other thing with the uh, the, the uh, the uh, treatment's much better than i had expected that the immune system will be able to fight [megan: mmm.] and yeah. the flu is gone but i don't trust it because that's the same exact thing that had happened in middle school. we had the same exact flu in ninth grade and then it came back. and [megan: mm.] i was like, i want to get an iud. why are we iuding? why are we putting this thing in our body, if it's gonna come back? uh, so i [inaudible] doctors don't know everything. it's not your body, it's not your body. it's, it's a life. and we just got to know how to take care of it, and how to keep it strong.

[PC] Half Life 2 Episode Two [RIP] [dopeman] Free

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um, i don't really care about all of this. but when i went in to get the implant, i have these fears that it's going to be bad for, for um, my body. and then when you get it and you find out like it's nothing but good, the fears are gone. but it's really hard to get rid of them. because like i said, the feeling [megan: mmm.] is, is kind of the same as it was in middle school.

if we don't, if we don't expect to get sick or get hurt it's kind of like, it's it's really hard to get hurt or get sick. um, because my life is pretty good, but it's like even right now and i'm not getting sick, i'm not getting hurt, everything's great. but if something happens, it's kind of a shock. and i really hope that i'm feeling better and i'm stronger and i'm healthier. [megan: mmm.] but as soon as i get sick, i'm like, oh, i wasn't expecting it. and i'll be scared again.


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